Why We’re Excited About Working on The Cognida Network and Platform

Author: Josh Jones, CMO

Creating the Future of Enterprise Blockchain

When you can’t wait to get to work every day because your colleagues are as committed as you are to create something great, it’s not just work anymore. It’s passion.

Over the last few months, since we launched our Token Generation Event, the Cognida development team, part of Windmill Enterprise, has been thrilled to see the market’s response. We’ve signed on three partners, including Rivetz, Vault Wallet and FreeIPA, with more to come over the next few weeks.

Here’s what our partners and industry experts had to say about their enthusiasm for Cognida:


“Enterprises face the daunting challenge authenticating thousands of users in a plethora of environments and granting them the appropriate access to information,” said Steven Sprague, CEO of Rivetz. “By joining forces with Windmill, we offer enterprises an easy-to-use solution that leverages the powerful cybersecurity capabilities of both TEE and the blockchain.”

Vault Wallet

“Partnering with Windmill Enterprise and adopting Cognida’s technology is a natural fit,” said Daniel Arulraj, founder of Vault Wallet. “Vault’s hardware encrypted mobile wallet provides enterprises with the highest level of mobile security in a way that is easy for them to integrate into existing services and security programs. As the blockchain market matures, technology and partnerships like the one we’re announcing today with Windmill will bring valuable solutions to businesses requiring robust security, particularly as their mobile footprints grow.”

Free IPA

“One of the challenges enterprises have securing their computing environments is the increasing diversity of technologies used for identity, authentication and authorization configuration across users, infrastructures, systems, services and applications,” said Jon Saperia, retired Enterprise Architect for Harvard University. “They are often spread across on-premise, cloud, SaaS and other environments. Integration of FreeIPA into the Cognida platform helps integrate critical technologies into a coherent system while at the same time increasing the security of the sensitive information through the use of blockchain technology.”

About our launch, industry expert and former senior analyst at Gartner, had this to say:

“In the current GDPR environment, with newer enterprise privacy controls needed, along with IoT security requirements, enterprise expectations for end-to-end privacy controls will continue to grow,” said Akshay Sharma, principal analyst, neXt Curve, and recent author of the Contextually-Aware Mobile Security as a Service: The Key to IoT Security and GDPR Compliance & Readiness with Blockchain whitepaper. “Within next generation networks, service providers and enterprises alike need a solution for applying policy management across multiple secured interconnections. This will ensure a seamless experience, with privacy controls, across legacy subscriber, device, and application databases, as well as blockchain deployments, supporting newer policy and key management.”

Our team couldn’t be more excited about the progress leading into the formal launch of the Cognida Foundation this fall. One of our co-founders, Bing Byington, said this:

“Blockchain adoption by Enterprises is lacking and Cognida’s portability and Cognida’s blockchain agnostic API drives legacy enterprise applications a quick to market, economical solution to utilize virtually any blockchain or blockchains that best suits their enterprise and;

  • Supports administration hierarchies common in enterprises
  • Delivers extensive permission and access controls critical to securing cloud services
  • Enables enterprise to manage permissions more efficiently across all remote locations
  • Allows the Enterprise to enforce their own security protocols and procedures as well as additional levels of security on a per-user basis.”

Here’s a video of Bing and his son, one of Cognida’s advisors and a pioneer in blockchain sharing their story:

And here’s our CEO and co-founder Michael Hathaway, sharing their vision for Cognida and the advancement of blockchain agnostic approaches:

As the company’s CMO, I have never worked harder in my life, or had more fun. Why?

The culture is awesome, and the mission is meaningful. The Cognida Network and platform will change the game by bringing blockchain for enterprise into the mainstream, by establishing a non-profit open-source foundation and sharing the code to make it even easier for enterprise IT and OT teams to deploy and manage the blockchains of their choice.

Cognida is positioned to make a difference in industries including Oil & Gas, electrical energy, healthcare, financial services, military and government operations, and in massive movements like the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0.

In fact, there is no industry that cannot benefit from the advantages of decentralized computing and services made secure and manageable using the Cognida platform, as all industries continue their digital transformations.

Join us on the adventure! You can learn more about Cognida by reading our white paper.

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