Establishing Trusted Service Relationships

The base functionality of the Cognida platform enables trusted relationships between enterprise assets for the sharing of data and utilization of apps.  All assets can now be centrally administered, saving significant time and labor while also enhancing the security of every device.  One of many differentiators of this open source technology is the ability to connect legacy systems and IoT devices, which are usually underutilized, vulnerable, and on disparate systems.

Service relationships with outside vendors can now be created and centrally administered, giving the enterprise more security, efficiency, and control with vendors.  

The Cognida platform enables enterprises to manage multiple blockchains, empowering them to establish trusted and secure connectivity between cloud services, network connected assets and people.

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Cognida provides enterprise administrators tools to secure unsecure legacy systems and enforce security policies on distributed data and cloud services, IoT devices, and mobile devices.

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