Cognida Foundation

The Cognida Foundation will be a US-based non-profit. Its role will include oversight of ongoing community development of the Cognida Platform, as well as administration of the Cognida Network.

Foundation members will jointly oversee ongoing enhancements of the platform. This will involve membership voting to issue proposals for new projects and selection of developers.

Cognida tokens will be the method of compensation for ongoing development.

Primary development enhancements will include:

  1. API libraries for new blockchains
  2. New security services
  3. Open source decentralized applications
  4. Administration tools

The Foundation will provide oversight and administration of the Cognida Service Network. Roles include:

  1. Recruitment of service vendors
  2. Oversight and enforcement of service network policies

Service network connection and transaction fees will provide the Foundation with funds for these ongoing services.


2013: IX Beta (Modbus to Web for energy management; deployments in energy retrofit and food processing)

2015: IX Rev 1 (Secure Agent, Legacy Automation, Cloudless Industrial IoT; deployments in Fortune 100 telecom, Fortune 100 oil and gas, facility management)

2017: IX Rev 2 (Python Upgrade, Secret Key Security, Remote Admin; deployments in data centers, agriculture, remote generation)

2018: Cognida Fork (Blockchain Permissions, Blockchain Data Integrity, Public/Private Key Security)

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