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Industrial Grade Security for the IIoT Data Generated on the Alternative Energy Grid

Earlier this year, the Energy Web Foundation shared their release of several major milestones for blockchain technology in the energy sector, including expansion of their affiliate network, release of the EW Origin Decentralized Application (DApp), launch of their online community and a preview of the D3A simulation environment for blockchain based transactive energy grids.

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Blockchain Gets an Identity

LAS VEGAS – VMWorld 2018 – One of the more interesting applications of blockchain is identity management, delivered by distributed systems in the cloud. This was a topic of discussion here this week at VMworld, as a number of projects and startups emerge in the space.

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Windmill Uses Blockchain to Solve IoT Security Issues

Windmill Enterprise, a new enterprise security startup, has developed an open source blockchain-based platform that is currently being piloted by a variety of companies to help them with IoT security. Windmill’s platform, called Cognida, is based upon technology originally developed by Information Xchange, a consulting firm founded by Windmill CEO Michael Hathaway.

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New Kids on the Block: Windmill Enterprise Joins Linux Foundation

Windmill Enterprise, developer of the Cognida platform, joined the Linux Foundation this week, and two projects – the Linux Foundation Networking community and EdgeX Foundry. Windmill joins existing Linux Foundation members like AT&T, Google, IBM and DellEMC, all on a quest to solve business and technology challenges through collaboration.

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Windmill Enterprise Joins The Linux Foundation

Leading enterprise blockchain company will participate in the EdgeX Foundry and Linux Foundation Networking communities August 22, 2018 – Austin, TX – Leading information technology company Windmill Enterprise, developer of the Cognida platform, today announced it has joined The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building sustainable ecosystems around open source projects to accelerate technology development and industry adoption.

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I Think IoT Therefore IM: Identity Management Freestyling at FreeIPA and Windmill

IoT identity and management revenues could reach $21.5 billion by 2022, according to a report from ABI Research, which says that IoT platform services, along with security, cryptography, digital certificate management, and data exchange will surge ahead even as multiple growth curves collide: more things, more cloud, more applications, more systems and above it all: more data.

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Addressing Big Data Identity, Windmill Gives Cognida Blockchain Database to FreeIPA

August 01, 2018 By Special Guest Shrey Fadia, Special Correspondent - Identity Management (IM) is a vast and growing science and artform, with demand surging as data growth continues, and one company believes blockchain may be the best way to secure the integrity of data in the enterprise and between enterprises as we accelerate towards the Extabyte era.

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