Cognida Network: Windmill Enterprises Blockchain For Business Project

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Hathaway, the CEO of Windmill, recently made an announcement concerning the platform’s latest project, called Cognida. The plan is for Cognida to be used as a blockchain-based database to store data. The platform can be accessed anywhere on the network. The blockchain will power the platform and Cognida will provide the security tools to enforce the data policies.

Hathaway stated that being “blockchain agnostic,” which means that the platform will be compatible with any blockchain, is key to Cognida because it prevents limiting users to a single blockchain.

Further, Hathaway stated that the platform’s compatibility with any blockchain may prevent it from becoming obsolete if and when a blockchain fails. The pressure of forcing users to pick one blockchain over another is also reduced.

In Hathaway’s own words, “We choose to not confuse them with another blockchain, but provide them with solutions.” Hathaway also mentioned that the platform also aims to create tokens, to be released upon launch.

The tokens will also be required to “establish service relationships on the network. The tokens will “serve to help support the Cognida open source community to provide a token revenue source that allows for ongoing development allows to incentivize developers, and essentially allow an ongoing evolution of open source development.” The project is currently being developed and may be released at the end of July 2018.

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