Distributed Generation Use Case

Author: Michael Hathaway, Co-Founder, CEO


Mobile and distributed generators are used in many applications. These include:

  • Backup power for critical systems
  • Power generation for outdoor events
  • Providing energy during emergencies and disasters

While most generation systems provide interfaces for monitoring engine and generator status, these interfaces are often left unused. Monitoring these systems requires that a user physically read meters and status panels on the generators.

By not taking advantage of the remote monitoring capabilities of these systems, owners who rent these systems have no visibility into how they are being used. Renters of the systems must assign people to be physically present to monitor and maintain system safety and health. Manufacturers are unable to provide remote diagnostics of these systems in the field or provide routine maintenance notifications.

Creating a remote monitoring system is not a one size fits all solution. Owners, renters and equipment manufacturers require different data views and access permissions, which further complicate any remote monitoring solutions. In addition connecting these systems to a mobile Internet connection presents public safety risks if a hacker were to be able to access controls via an Internet connection. As a result, while these systems have the interfaces and ability to be remotely monitored, solutions are not widely available or adopted for one or more of the reasons mentioned above.


The Cognida Platform utilizes blockchain to store digital identities, security and access policies that can be enforced across remote systems, cloud services, and mobile applications. In addition, it provides blockchain-secured messaging and data sharing services that can be flexibly hosted in the cloud or enterprise. Employing this suite of solutions in a distributed generation application provides the following capabilities:

  1. Incorporation of Cognida technology in remote mobile computing devices establishes a digital identity of the system which both authenticates data exported to cloud and mobile applications as well as enforcing remote access restrictions to safety critical controls.
  2. Cognida provides blockchain secured data sharing and messaging solutions, enabling the owner of the equipment to share customized data views and messages on a permission basis to multiple users including renters and equipment manufacturers. This enables renters to have restricted access via a mobile app to monitor their systems during the rental period. It also enables them to subscribe to the manufacturer’s remote monitoring and diagnostic services.

With these capabilities:

  1. Renters can subscribe to remote monitoring mobile services, enabling them to monitor the health and operational safety of generators they are operating.
  2. Owners of generation equipment can monitor equipment GPS locations, operational safety and status via a mobile or web applications.
  3. Owners can subscribe to manufacturer services to provide notifications for routine maintenance and remote diagnostics.


For owners and renters of portable generators this means:

By simplifying security, access and data sharing, the Cognida Platform provides a practical suite of solutions to this sector. This provides practical, cost effective and secure solutions for monitoring operational status and health of remote generation equipment.

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