Generating Value for Enterprise: Why Cognida’s Token Generation Event Makes Sense for Cognida Foundation Members

Author: Bing Byington

Enterprises are increasingly opting in to blockchain technologies given a better way to connect and transact with greater levels of control and trust.

Cognida’s network and platform will simplify the economics around the adoption of not just one, but many blockchain solutions, across all blockchain technologies.

With the explosion of open source software, open source networking, multi-cloud computing and APIs, Cognida is stepping in to simplify the new world of shared IT, bridging centralized legacy approaches with improved decentralized approaches.

With Cognida, enterprises continue to own and control their data, and with Cognida, they can do so while also improving how they operate by creating a cloud services paradigm shift where enterprises enforce THEIR security and privacy policies in the cloud.

Using Cognida tokens, administrators can securely register users, devices, services and applications across any number of blockchain ledgers, without having to choose a single blockchain technology.

On Cognida’s network and platform, admins can enforce security policies in seconds reducing the complexity and cost of asset management, internally and externally.

And as members of the Cognida Foundation, they can influence the future of how their applications work with other applications, including API libraries for new blockchains, new security services, access to open source decentralized applications and advanced administration tools.

Enterprises can do so using our COG tokens to “pay” for services. A few details:

  • The Cognida token is an ERC20 token with a maximum supply of 550 million.
  • Each token facilitates the settlement function between providers of services.
  • Cognida’s Settlement Engine manages exchange to other tokens or currencies needed to facilitate the use of the platform.

Cognida is not a classic “cryptocurrency” company.

There is no “ICO” – rather we are initiating a Token Generation Event.

Cognida’s Token Generation Event (TGE) after the network launch, with our utility tokens being initially adopted for use in a pharmaceutical trials application.

We’ve already proven our technology works, having implemented blockchain solutions for Fortune 100 companies through IXOT, whose technology and IP are being contributed to the new Cognida Foundation.

In short, we’re providing a blockchain agnostic offering to enterprises, while also using our “new currency” to buy services that will improve the management of multi-blockchain and multi-cloud enterprise initiatives.

Learn more about how to participate in Cognida’s TGE through our SAFT process for the private sale in advance of the public sale here.

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