Practical Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Practical Enterprise Blockchain Solutions2018-08-01T19:21:36+00:00

Enterprise IT and security managers are beginning to show interest in blockchain technologies, but the plethora of solutions to choose from is daunting. Additionally, blockchain technology presents barriers to adoption with enterprise customers due to the vast cultural differences between enterprise security and blockchain communities, and the advanced skills required for education and development.

Enterprises on the verge of embracing the technologies face these issues:

  • Blockchains are inherently anonymous and their transactions are performed in a trustless manner which is incongruent with enterprise security policies which require known and trusted services and transactions on their network.
  • Services and ledger data are decentralized and distributed across anonymous locations. Enterprise security traditionally uses centralized security with equipment located in known locations.
  • Enterprise security administration is done in a hierarchical fashion. Administrators and managers have varying levels of access and control within the enterprise. Blockchain security is not natively hierarchical. While existing smart contract technologies address some of these challenges, they are difficult to map to complex security policies found within enterprises.

The Cognida Platform solves these crucial issues through its native core capabilities:

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