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Author: Michael Hathaway, Co-Founder, CEO


Restaurants today utilize multiple computer systems for operations. These include POS (point-of-sale), inventory control and access security. Chains incorporate one or more cloud-based systems to monitor operations across multiple locations. Emerging low-cost IoT sensors and cloud services offer additional solutions and information, intended to streamline operations and improve efficiency, however, adoption of these new technologies is hindered by the fact that these systems lack a unified login and security infrastructure and generally operate as data silos that do not share information with other systems.  (10,000 employees multiplied by 20 different platforms means 200,000 unique logins as opposed to 10,000 with Cognida).

Turnover of employees presents challenges in managing employee access accounts on multiple systems. The integration of data from IoT systems (e.g. people counting, refrigeration monitoring, beverage tracking systems) into other existing or cloud systems requires significant custom integration costs. Businesses are locked into solutions as changing vendors presents significant disruption and cost.


The Cognida Platform’s suite of solutions include unified identity management and access security across multiple systems as well as enterprise-class data access and sharing solutions. These solutions can be incorporated into existing systems as well as new sensor/IoT, Cloud and web applications.

With the Cognida platform, adding or removing employee access across all systems can be handled from a single interface. Blockchain technology is used to distribute access and security policies across multiple locations and cloud services. The incorporation of data from new systems can be seamlessly shared across the entire organization. Changing vendor solutions can be done with minimal disruption.


For the restaurant chain, this means:

-Easy to change vendors (POS, food delivery services, paper goods, monitoring services)

-Reduced labor costs in IT department

-Improved visibility and access to all digital assets (according to predetermined permissions)

-Simplification of IT support required to set up and maintain systems

The Cognida Platform offers restaurant chains the tools to incorporate emerging IoT technologies and Cloud services into their operations without requiring complex IT security and access administration. Cognida’s blockchain secured data access and sharing tools enable data from diverse systems to be shared across the organization and enable vendor portability with minimal impact on day to day operations.

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